Finally a "new" Spliced take album is out now, and it was worth the wait.
This one includes all tracks from the 1966 recording sessions, many gospel songs were recorded, but also some  excellent
other tracks.
CMT managed to produce a full new album with high standard spliced takes only the STAR team can deliver.
To name just one highlight it has to be the new approach the team did on "Tomorrow is A Long Time" it was re-created from scratch, gives a totally new feel to the song since the "chorus" was used only once and all "verses" were put after one and other. Also a longer intro and outro makes this an outstanding new track!
Other surprises like "Fools Fall in Love" with two  saxophone solos and an alternate piano intro for "Where No One Stands Alone" confirms:  This is a must have. The series continues
Again the STAR team has done all the edits on this album, and they did an excellent job again , with lots of excellent edits, and surprises. Unlike other “import” labels, they truly were able to produce an album using many incomplete takes , to create beautiful new tracks. 
Run On - Spliced take 3,1,1,2
How Great  Thou Art - Spliced take 1,2,4
Stand By Me - Spliced take 9,10,2
Where No One Stands Alone - Spliced take 1/Wp take 1
Down in the Alley - Spliced take 1,2
Tomorrow is A Long Time - recreated master
Love Letters - Spliced take 5,
So High - Spliced take 2,2,3
Farther Along - Spliced take 1,2,3
By and By - Spliced take fs,7,9
In the Garden  - Spliced take 1,2,3 (snowbird)
Beyond the Reef - Spliced take 1,2
Somebody Bigger Then You And I - Spliced Take 3,11,wp5
Without Him Spliced Take 11,8,14
If the Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side - Spliced Take 3,2,4,1
Where Could I Go But To the Lord - Spliced Master
Come What May - Spliced Take 3,11,wp5  3,2,7,6,7,2
Fools Fall in Love c 1,4,4,5,4
Oh How I Love Jesus - Spliced Home Recording


An incredible new album, featuring extended versions, alternate takes including new instrumental tracks and some pretty cool edits!
Don't think you already heard these! ALL tracks are brandnew edits and sound very rare, The title track for example starts of with an alternate opening and includes the extra verses.
"Gold in the Mountains" has been extended and includes rare alternate musical segments. For "Tender Feeling"  they used the alternate take 1 (vocal) and combined it with an alternate musical track, the result is stunning and sound quality is much better then the master version! "Echoes of Love" includes an alternate Saxophone solo makes you feel as if it is a brandnew take! The "drums" on "Catchin On Fast" are taken from an alternate musical track and put in just at the right spot to make it sound pretty cool and different!
 Another highlight must be "Kissin Cousins #1" ... for this song Elvis recorded two different vocal styles... one being Josh , and one being Jody (Hillbilly) both tracks were combined and we got the first "duet" ever of Elvis and... .Elvis.... Here they have "reversed" the vocals, and a complete NEW release is born, where the master has Josh... this track has Jody singing, gives the same "feel" but sounds VERY different! "Smokey Mountain Boy" and "Barefoot Ballad" have alternate extended intro and outros....We could go on, but one thing is for sure, this is another CMT winner!
Did we say all tracks are spliced, so you get an all new album.
Kissin Cousins #2 - Spliced take 1,2
Smokey Mountain Boy - Alternate Master
Gold in the Mountains - Alternate Master
One Boy, Two Little Girls - Spliced take 2,5,2
Catchin' On Fast - Alternate Master
Tender Feeling - Spliced take 1 (vocal) / take 1 (track)
Anyone - Spliced take 2,3
Barefoot Ballad - Alternate Master
Once is Enough - Spliced take 1,7,1,7
Kissin Cousins - Reversed Master
Echoes of Love - Spliced take 7,8
Long Lonely Highway - Spliced take 1,2




VV Special Product March 2018

To be released soon (early of March) from the "VV" label for the first time in vinyl the very first show ever recorded from the  magical Elvis’ first Las Vegas season  titled "RETURN THE PELVIS" and will feature the Las Vegas August 03, 1969 Dinner Show. We are glad and overall happy to have the  possibility to produce FOR THE SECOND  time a show from Elvis very first season. 

As Always  VV attitude is to present Elvis at the peak of his possibility and without doubt this seminal  record present   Elvis at his top. Both vocal and physical. “Elvis appears better than ever” delivering incredible show without weak spot. If Rock is attitude, the man got  it as never.

"1st performance in 9 years" as most the headlines of the newspaper review report. The king is finally back to live performance. After to spent or wasted the last decade making movies the king is back.  Dressed in black tunic with long and neatly combed hair Elvis stepped  on stage giving like to the hysteria again stopping the time or better bringing back to the 1956 again.

In seventy crazy minutes Elvis gives life to his best, spacing and personalizing all music kinds as nobody can do other words are necessary.
The limited edition box set is housed in a deluxe 300 grams gatefold sleeve that includes  
together   the double vinyl set will be included as Bonus the CD and  incredible large Poster 90x60 cm  both side printed.

This release contains double vinyl 180 grams, including the incredible Las Vegas August show with the best audio possible soundboarding recording from the improved sound for the first time in a double high valued collector vinyl set, 33 rpm speed

LP Tracks:
01. Opening Theme
02. Blue Suede Shoes
03.I Got A Woman 
 04. All Shook Up
05. Love Me tender
06.Jailhouse Rock/Don’t Be Cruel

07. Heartbreak Hotel
08. Hound Dog
09. Memories
10.  Mystery Train/Tiger Man
11 . Life Story
12.Baby What You Want Me To Do


13.Are You Lonesome Tonight?
14.Yesterday /Hey Jude
15. Band Introduction
16. In The Ghetto


17. Suspicious Minds
18. What‘d I Say
19. Can’t Help Falling Love

Bonus CD:
01. Opening Theme
02. Blue Suede Shoes
03.I Got A Woman 
04. All Shook Up
05. Love Me tender
06.Jailhouse Rock/Don’t Be Cruel
07. Heartbreak Hotel
08. Hound Dog
09. Memories
10.  Mystery Train/Tiger Man
11 . Life Story
12.Baby What You Want Me To Do

13.Are You Lonesome Tonight?
14.Yesterday /Hey Jude
15. Band Introduction
16. In The Ghetto
17. Suspicious Minds
18. What‘d I Say
19. Can’t Help Falling Love

I don't know what to think about this release because it was released on various import CD's. An official release of this show is on The Return To Vegas CD by FTD.



Straight Arrow Special Products SA/SP 2018-51-02
Sunday, March 21, 1976, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH.
It was the1st tour of 1976 and some of Elvis’ key musicians were replaced. Unexpectedly, the result was a surprisingly fresh sound, with keyboards and drums prominent. During this rather short tour, Elvis performed 8 solid and entertaining shows in 4 cities.

The Cincinnati, March 21st, 1976, 2:30pm show is previously unreleased. Once again, this show was not available in acceptable sound thus far. The only existing tape in circulation was in subpar quality. This was the show where Elvis ripped the seat of his blue Bicentennial suit during “Polk Salad Annie”, and finished the show dressed in the Rainfall suit. It is one of the very few shows where Elvis left the stage for awhile (another example is Baltimore, May 29, 1977, released on our 2CD “Breakdown In Baltimore”).
Our release has been taken directly from a first generation copy of a previously unreleased original audience-recorded cassette. This concert was recorded by Elvis super fan John Herman, who also taped the legendary Pittsburgh 1976 New Years Eve show, widely released by bootleggers and by the official FTD label.

As usual, this release is presented in a de-luxe 6-panel digipak with collection of photos taken in Cincinnati and local press reviews. A couple of unpublished John Herman snapshots were added, too.

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra02. C. C. Rider 03. I Got A Woman / Amen 04. Love Me05. Let Me Be There06. You Gave Me A Mountain07. Steamroller Blues08. All Shook Up09. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel10. Love Me Tender11. Polk Salad Annie / Elvis leaves the stage to change the jumpsuit12. Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra (by J. D. Sumner)13. What'd I Say (James Burton, instrumental)14. Drum Solo (Larry Londin) 15. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) / Elvis returns16. Piano Solo (Shane Keister)17. Electric Piano & Clavinet Solo (David Briggs)18. School Day19. And I Love You So20. Hurt (with reprise)21. Burning Love22. America The Beautiful23. Funny How Time Slips Away24. Heartbreak Hotel25. Hound Dog26. Can't Help Falling In Love27. Closing Vamp / Announcements


Monday, June 28, 1976, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA.
It's the summer of 1976, and America is celebrating its bicentennial. What could be more patriotic than seeing America’s greatest entertainer in the city where the countries' Declaration of Independence was formed and signed? 

Straight Arrow team has been looking for a recording of this particular concert for a long time… and finally succeeded.
Compared with July and August 1976 concerts, performances in June were of a much better standard and the Philadelphia concert is no exception. Elvis did a fine show that night.

The Philadelphia, June 28th, 1976 show is previously unreleased. Until now, this show was not available in acceptable sound. The only existing tape was in horrible quality. Our release has been taken directly from a previously unreleased original audience-recorded cassette. This concert was recorded by an Elvis fan from Pennsylvania.

This release is presented in a de-luxe 6-panel digipak with collection of photos taken in  Philadelphia, PA, June 28th, 1976 and with great liner notes written by the fan who taped the show!

Part of pre-program:
01. Gonna Fly Now (theme from Rocky - by Joe Guercio & The Hot Hilton Horns)02. Black Sunday (by Sweet Inspirations) 03. If You Leave Me Now (by Sweet Inspirations).
The Elvis Presley show:
04. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra 
05. C. C. Rider
06. I Got A Woman / Amen
07. Love Me
08. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
09. You Gave Me A Mountain
10. All Shook Up
11. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
12. And I Love You So
13. Jailhouse Rock
14. Fever
15. America The Beautiful
16. Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra
17. Early Mornin' Rain
18. What'd I Say
19. Johnny B. Goode
20. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt, incomplete)
21. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff)
22. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) 
23. Electric Piano & Clavinet Solo (David Briggs) 
24. Love Letters
25. School Day
26. Hurt #1
27. Hurt #2
28. Hound Dog
29. Funny How Time Slips Away (with reprise)
30. Can't Help Falling In Love - 31. Closing Vamp / Announcements.

(The pre-program was taped in Philadelphia, PA, May 28th, 1977 by the same guy who recorded the 1976 show. Straight Arrow planned  to release the May 28th, 1977 show too, but another label released it recently from another tape source.)


Saturday, August 28th, 1971 Dinner Show, Las Vegas International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Straight Arrow Special Products SA/SP 2018-52-02

Straight Arrow is very pleased to bring you  this rare concert recording from Elvis’ Summer 1971 festival. It is always a delight to find new, fresh tapes from this year, and from this particular season -- especially when it's in very good sound quality. 

This is an excellent recording of the August 28th dinner show.
Elvis' previous engagement there had shown signs of his high performing standard slipping, but here he sounds like he's back on track again. Late August shows are tight, no-nonsense affairs with Presley in good voice and in strong form. He performs with focus and professionalism, and he sings a fantastic variety of music.

The Las Vegas, August 28th, 1971, Dinner show is previously unreleased. The only existing tape/CDR in circulation is of very poor quality. Our release has been taken directly from a recently obtained first generation copy of an original audience-recorded cassette. This concert was recorded by an Elvis fan from France, Marie Chantal Rivière, who also taped other August 1971 Las Vegas shows. We have released Marie Chantal Rivière's recordings of the August 27th & 29th dinner and midnight concerts on the 2CD “Solid As Rock” (SA/SP 2015-37-02) and the CD “Last Stint At The International” (SA/SP 2016-38-02). If you like those releases, you cannot go wrong with “He’s The One In ‘71”!

This release is presented in a de-luxe 6-panel digipak with collection of photos taken in August 1971 and press reviews.

01. Orchestra Intro02. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra03. That’s All Right04. I Got A Woman05. Proud Mary06. Sweet Caroline07. Polk Salad Annie 08. Instrumental intermezzo / Elvis talks09. Johnny B. Goode10. It’s Impossible11. Love Me12. Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On / Blue Suede Shoes13. Heartbreak Hotel14. Hound Dog15. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel16. Suspicious Minds17. Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra18. I’m Leavin’ 19. Introduction of Ed Parker20. Bridge Over Troubled Water21. Can’t Help Falling In Love22. Closing Vamp / Announcements




Hop, Two, Three, Four a new release out now!
Another winner in the great "Spliced take" series is finally finished 

There have been lots and lots of "G.I. Blues" releases, but this one sounds completly different, with many tracks NEVER heard before!

A lot of work has been put into this release and it was worth it, presented in high quality  cardsleeve and disc  (both factory pressed)

Including 12 "spliced" tracks from the 1960 recordings

This first 2018 CMT release will blow you away, with lots of surprises, including rare studio material and new edits.
The title track for example has been recreated out of five (!) takes and sounds exciting and fresh, "Wooden Heart" has a new opening, and
"Frankfort Special" has some funny studio snippets at the end. "Big Boots" was build up out of three versions (slow, medium and fast)
and even "Blue Suede Shoes" sound different then before, although there was only one take to work with..

Tonight is So Right for Love - Spliced take 10,8
What's She Really Like - Spliced take 17,19
Frankfort Special - Spliced take 3,4,5 
Wooden Heart - Alternate intro version
G.I. Blues - Spliced take 2,6, pu10, 7 , pu 9
Pocketful of Rainbows - Spliced take 1,3
Shoppin' Around - Spliced take 4,2,5
Big Boots - "trilogy" version
Didja Ever - Spliced take 1,2,1
Blue Suede Shoes - Spliced master
Doin' the Best I Can - Spliced take 10,12
Tonight is All Right for Love - Spliced take 5A, 5B